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Summer Fashion: Summer Staples for the Perfect Beach to Bar Look

“I truly believe that fashion is a way to tell the world who we are. It is a pure and clear expression of ourselves” –Andrea Maria

Lily Pulitzer has once said that it is always summer somewhere—and in one way or another, she is right. As February fades and March sets in, tropical countries can experience a shift—not only in climate but also in the overall mood. The days are longer, the nights shorter and the sea would beckon us to visit and the sound of crashing waves entices us to book that getaway. Indeed, with the scorching sun bearing down on us, we can finally say that bikini and tan lines season is upon us. In this regard, we should not only prepare our bodies to work those bikinis we have been dying to get into all year. But rather our sartorial catalogue should also be adequately equipped to brave not only the sweltering heat, but the nights as well.

While it is already a given that beach getaways would be in your itinerary, do not disregard your nocturnal trips to the beach bars as well. With this in mind, your travel bags should come complete with all the essentials you would need to ensure you stay fashionably stylish from the sands to the dance floor. Whether your style largely consists of wholesale bob marley pieces or something a little more girly, here are the things that should never be missing from your summer luggage. Not to worry though, these are all made up of entirely easy-to-pack pieces that are diminutive enough to stash away in your beach bag for you to change into much later. It consists of something a little more than your usual cover-up and flip flops, but it does not try too hard. Here are some of the perfect pieces you should have whenever you are craving for a post swimming cocktail:

White knotted sleeveless crop top

When you are out in the beach, it is always important to stay cool. Even when you are in bars, the temperature can get rather overwhelming, so in this regard, it is best to be dressed appropriately. Choose a white knotted sleeveless crop top tee that is basically an upgraded version of an ordinary sleeveless crop top. It showcases your svelte figure quite excellently and if you have been working on your abs, this is the perfect tee that allows you to display them.


Stash away all of your denim skirts and minis and make way for silk sarongs and the like. A silky mini helps you keep your legs bare and breezy and takes up practically no space in your bag. Furthermore, beach bars are the perfect setting to rock this skirt out as the patterns are almost always floral or tropical which makes it sit right well with its milieu.


Never neglect to keep your skin hydrated by always keeping a bottle of facial spray with you at all times. This is especially true for hotter seasons such as the summer where your skin is more susceptible to sunburns. Keep a small bottle of moisturizer in your beach bag at all times. Choose one that is preferably a refreshing mix of coconut water, rose and hibiscus petals and spray away at any time you feel like your skin needs a hint of moisture.


Give your feet a little TLC and upgrade your ordinary flip flops to something a bit more exciting and visually appealing to the eye. Instead of going for the standard rubber flip flops, choose a pair of sandals that come with an elaborate design such as one with gumball-sized pearls. In this way, you can continue rocking your sandals on the dance floor without worrying about being underdressed.


While your beach bag should be your main bag for beach excursions, remember to pack a smaller tote which you can bring with you the moment the clock hits five. Fill it with your essentials and enjoy the night away without being encumbered by a large bag.

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  1. Varija Bajaj

    April 26, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    Wow…!!! once again with a great write-up. Chosen great topic combination Beach & Bar. Both are a very important place where you have to comfortable and attractive in our outfit. Keep writing …. will follow you.

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