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The Changing Fashion Trends

The fashion industry is in a constant state of flux. What is in vogue today can easily become stale tomorrow. From the moment that one collection is launched, the fashion designers start thinking about the next line. The major fashion weeks like Paris fashion week or Milan fashion week determines the fashion trends of a particular season. Once the fashion weeks come to an end, stores all over the world start launching collections that are inspired by them.

Changing Trends in Fashion

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What is a trend this summer will definitely not be trendy next summer. The Fashion industry has two primary phases according to the natural seasons. Thus we have the spring collections and fall collections. The trends are set according to the requirements of the season. If the tubes are trendy in the summer, trench coats are recommended for the fall season.

Likewise, skinny had been the hot trend last summer, but this year the trend is about casual loose clothes. One saw an abundance of skinny dresses, tops and pants the year before will find loose clothes like maxis and culottes dominating the shelves this spring. The spring line has been launched a few months ago only yet people are fashion experts are already predicting the vogue of next year.

Here are some of the trends that are going to rule the ramps next season.

Raw coast:

Raw coast sees a remarkable shift to minimalist in fashion. Long ago fashion designers had ditched the opulent for the basic and minimalistic. Raw coast will take this movement a step further. The trend raw coast has been heavily influenced and inspired by the coast or the beaches and seas. Nautical had been a top trend this spring, which will take a new step with the raw coast next season.

Raw Coast Trend

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Multiple layers, clean lines, comfortable cotton, linen and washed colors form the core of this trend. The attires will be designed keeping utility in mind. The dominant colors will be the ones we find on the coast, marine blue, coral, olive green and ashen brown. The fashion will be all about comfort. There will be details like coastal prints, usage of nautical ropes as belts, fisherman netting works, and dyed patterns. Flats and big bags with will accompany the pieces.


The Arise is a trend that reflects the spirit of rebellion. Over the world, people are raising their voices against all that is wrong. Gay rights to feminism, the world is rising and coming together for humanitarian causes. This latest fashion trend tries to capture the essence of rising up. The fashion trend also tries to combine and harmonize different parts of the world. It uses all kinds of prints and patterns representative of various countries. A lot of psychedelic prints are also used in this pattern. Religion unites many people so spirituality is also a part of this trend. Arise is a melting pot of everything that seeks to unite the diverse citizens of the planet earth. Lots of layering ensures that various traditional fashion trends are amalgamated in attire. A tee shirt is layered with a kaftan and dresses with turbans. Arise look back also to the bohemian school of fashion, incorporating gypsy and eclectic strains.

Arise Fashion Trend

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The color palette of the arise is extremely diverse. Shades of muted red like terracotta, red sandstone, and burnt red form the bases. One can also find ochre yellow and mustard yellow. Colors like pinkish violet, blotchy purple and shades of green are also dominant. Arise uses material like suede, cotton, velvet, chiffon, etc. Accessories are a key part of this trend. One will find use of beads, loose scarves, tassels, fringes and sequins in abandon.

La Isla:

La Isla is a Cuban word that means The Island. Cuba since its freedom has become the most important island. After the Cuban revolution and other internal aggression, Cuba is finally accessible to the entire world. Although we’re only half way through summer, many are predicting the next fashion trend for this upcoming fall and Cuban culture seems to be an integral part of it. Cuba has remained a mystery and had been viewed as a land of mystery, fascinating culture and cigars. Though Che Guevara features prominently in tee shirts, Cuban fashion has hardly had any exposure.

La Isla Fashion trend from Cuba

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La Isla will try to bring it to the fashion ramps. Island romance and adventure will feature in the collection. The color palette will consist of bright, tropical shades. Lush green, vibrant oranges and other such vivid pastels will be the hues of the trend.  Islands are about relaxation and this is what the fashion will try to channel. Loose, flowing fabrics made of chiffon, lace or linen will be seen.  A sort of dance mood will be reflected in the pieces designed for this theme. For the fall collection one can even see some faded and rich dark colors on the ramp.  Details like jute work, ruffles, slits and fuller silhouettes are predicted to be used in this trend.

This upcoming fall is definitely going to be interesting. Just like any other art form, fashion too tries to bring out through its collections the current sensibilities of the people. Fashion is no more restricted to glamour and opulence. The tides are shifting not only in terms of trend but also mentalities. Constant changes in the world are inspiring newer collections. It is moving more towards utility and comfort rather than just show. As a result the industry is never static.


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