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The Right Shoe for the Right Occasion

Our fairy tales claim that only a damsel in distress is in dire need of the right kind of shoe to change her fortune forever. It is a hoax. The fetish for shoes is largely stereotyped by the society as it is rigidly categorized as a woman’s desire. With the advent of the smart generation, more and more men are making their fetish for shoes known to the public.  Thinkers and philosophers have often stated that a man’s character can be analyzed by the kind of shoe he is wearing. Such is the value of shoes in a man’s life.

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Gone are the days when designer shoes had only been for women. The internet search engines are bombarded with questions on shoes that can be the latest fashion trends for men. There is a mass rise in the general fashion awareness of men which was very much dormant till the last century. Having the right shoes on your shoe rack could be one’s New Year resolution too. Here is a quick guide to the must haves.

Types of shoes to suit your occasion:

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The Oxford Shoe-

Known for its timelessness, the shoe is the most basic dress shoe that has been doing the rounds. As one can guess from the name, its roots lies at Oxford University and has gained an ascending popularity since 1800. The design stands out due to its lean body as it is able to grip the foot contour perfectly. It gained such raining popularity due to its simple appeal to look classy and its versatility. It is mostly teamed with formals, thus becomes a favorite corporate option for all men. It will be advisable to get a dark brown or black pair so that one may pull it off with any hued clothes.

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This particular shoe type has royal blood coursing through its body. It was first designed for King George VI of England as a casual house slipper. The loafer had not hit the popular button till USA started manufacturing it in 1930’s. Though its inception was that of a casual slipper, it has metamorphosed in to formal wear which can be easily worn to office. Dark ones can be clubbed with formals to get the complete formal look whereas the light ones are ideal to stylize your casual outfit. A day out with buddies for brunch or playing pool demands a pair of loafers as it is one of the latest fashion trends for men.

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The shoes are typically made for physical exercise purpose. It has a very flexible sole which is either made of rubber or synthetic material. This shoe is strictly for sports and athletic activities. It can be a man’s best friend, if used wisely. It is imperative if one is about to hit the gym. The soft interior keeps the feet healthy and happy. It is often said that a man’s fitness routine can be guessed from how worn out his sneaker is.

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Flip Flops-

Typically worn as a form of casual wear, it is the best medicine for sweltering summer days in tropical countries like India. They are slip ons. They go hand in hand with quarter pants or jeans. Being strictly casual in nature, flip flop are often barred from many restraints and clubs and is a complete no-no for office goers. As there is no such gripping of the foot, long stretches of walk or jog is advised against. Also, since quite a generous portion of the feet is exposed, maintenance of feet is required or else it brings down the style quotient.  Wearing quarter pants with graphic teas and neon flip flops is seen to be the latest fashion trend among men.

If you are in possession of all the above four types of shoes, you are unimaginably well equipped to follow the latest fashion trends for men. The world is at your feet; conquer it wearing the right shoe.

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