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The Right Shoes for Your Maxi Dress

If you’re up to date on the latest fashion trends, then you’ll know that maxi dresses are the “in-thing” this season. Maxi dresses are the best, fashionable clothes to wear during the scorching summer heat. But an ordinary maxi dress can be made to look ravishing with the right accessories and most importantly the right shoes. Now, you might prefer comfort over style, and that does look good at times, but not always.  When paired right, these maxi dresses can look downright fantastic and gorgeous.

What shoes to wear and what to avoid with maxi dresses?

Maxi dresses are in a way versatile and look good with almost anything. But there some things that you must keep in mind:-

  • Flats or fashionable sandals: It is not necessary to wear heels with maxi dresses! You can team them up with cute flats and you’ll be good to go. Gladiator sandals also look fabulous with maxi dresses. It is the best choice especially if you are going for the whole Bohemian look.


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  • Platforms and wedges: Wedges also look really good with maxi dresses. They’re stylish and chic and it does wonders for your overall. You can wear white or nude colored wedges with your dress to give it that “oomph” factor. If it’s a simple dress, then glamorous wedges with prints would go best with them.

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  • Cute flip flops: Summer and flip flops go hand in hand. A pretty maxi dress with fancy flip flops is cute and charming. Plus, they’re really comfortable.


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  • Gorgeous heels for fancy outings: Now if you are planning to go to a fancy place, say a party, ditch the flip flops! In such cases, opt for heels. Every girl has a closet full of fashionable heels of different colours. Match them with your dress to give it that petite look. Open-toed heels with look really fashionable with a cute floral maxi dress.


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  • Espadrilles, the new way to go: Espadrilles are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. You can wear both flat espadrilles and ones with heels for your maxi dress.


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  • Boots and sneakers are a big no-no: Now, sneakers and loafers are extremely comfortable and perfect for daily wear. But not if you are going out in a maxi dress for sure! Maxi dresses are very feminine and don’t go with it sneakers and loafers. And as for boots, they can be teamed up with very specific outfits; maxi dresses are not one of them.

Maxi dress is one fashion statement which has captured the attention of hundreds of women worldwide. It looks good on everybody! But most women don’t know how to pair them with the right shoes. Just because its long, doesn’t mean that no one will notice your shoes. Your shoes need to be as cute and fashionable as your dress for your whole outfit to be eye-catching. If you pair them up with the correct footwear, then you are sure to turn a few heads along the way!

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