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Tips for Curling Hair at Bedtime

Going to sleep and waking up with perfect curls! It seems like a nightmare!

I can understand your pain. Even I had nights fighting to keep my spirals in shape and protect them from getting ruined overnight. But every morning the results were same, until and unless I came across a hair expert who told me the best ways to keep my spirals locked in there.

And do you know what, the results were awesome!

By just making a few more efforts and following these pre-bedtime techniques I ended up with bouncier, beautiful, curly, and less frizzy curls next morning.

curling hair at bedtime

The Magical Tip – Suitable for All Hair Types

One way to adorn perfect curls is first you need to prepare your hair using a setting product. After preparing your hair, use a wide-toothed comb to section the hair depending on the length of your hair.

Start twisting sections from root to tip and wind the twist into a tight lock. You can secure the twisted section with a hair elastic. Once you are done with all the knots, you may secure them with bobby pins and protect them from becoming too messy while you sleep. When you wake up next morning, just unravel the knots and you will have curly, wavy hair.

So, while this tip will work for all types of hair, let’s check out some more tips for curling hair at bedtime!

Braids – For Wavier Curls

This is easy and quick methods that can give you with lasting curls in just one go. For wavy hair, prepare a two-strand braid can help maintaining the exotic alluring texture. Just prepare a loose braid or twist hair and apply hair holding spray. This will ensure that the hairstyle stays in place.

After waking up, take the braids out and you will be left with original curl pattern.

Pineapple Knots – For Voluminous Curls

This is the amazing pineapple knot, which might sound a little funny to you, but actually, it works great. This is an excellent way for full, natural curls that can be prepared by just pulling hair up near the forehead. This will enable to avoid your hair falling from flat.

With this method, you will be able to create a lot of volume and bounce to your hair. You can begin by pulling your entire hair up to the top of your head. Then tie them into a loose ponytail for preventing indents. Leave the natural curls on ends and secure them with a headband or sleep cap. After waking up the next morning, just give your hair a little more pick me time and spray refreshing curl spray to get the style you desire.

Pin Style – For Soft Curls

People with softer hair texture may find it difficult to have curls that can last long. But they can definitely give a try to the wonderful pin curls method that requires gathering curls from the bottom around the index finger, rolling it upward and then flattening them onto your scalp.

Once you are done with all your hair, you may secure it with bobby pins overnight. The next morning, be gentle with your hair and release the pins to get bouncy, beautiful ringlets.

Flexi Rods – For Spiral Curls

There were times when females have to go through all the discomfort of big rollers to get soft, bouncy curls in the morning. A great alternative to this is the flex rods curling tools. It is a set of soft rollers that are not just very easy to use but are barely noticeable during sleep.

They are perfect to generate contouring curls that you would love to adorn throughout the day. All you need to do is to prepare your hair by washing them with a shampoo and conditioner. Then take small sections and wrap the sectioned hair around the soft curling rods. Once you are done with it then bend the roller into a defined U-shape.

Sleep tight the entire night. After taking them out in the morning, you may give your end curls an elongated look by simply brushing them with a flat brush. If the curls are too tight, then few gentle strokes with a flat brush will do great wonders.

Hence, if you desire well-curled and well-rested hairstyle then this is the best way to go for.

Topknot – For Loose, Long Curls

Curling longer hair requires a lot of time and also it can be a time-consuming process, especially when you are already feeling lazy to be in your bed.

If you are among those lucky females who are blessed with long hairs, then you may begin with opting for lightweight curling mousse. As per the hair experts, you may take the mousse into your strands, and flip it over your head. Now twist your hair from root to tip and then create a high topknot ensuring that it is not pulled out easily around the scalp.

After following this step for all your hair, you may secure them with a tie and hairpins. The next morning, take down your hair and try reinforcing some volume and waves. For this, you can create numerous small buns on your heat and cover them with a silk scarf. This will also ensure that the buns stay in place. After few hours, you may unwrap the hairstyle to get flowing, smooth curls that will only add more to your glamor.

So, you see, creating curls is very much easy no matter the type of your hair or the volume you require. These are some of the methods that you can adopt in order to have beautiful and lasting curls that will just make you look more glamorous and beautiful.

Hence, try these methods and just make sure that no matter which style you adopt, you are gentle with your hair and add each stroke with absolute perfection. At last, you will end up with gorgeous curly hair that you can adorn for few days without requiring much additional assistance.

Author Bio :

Yuan Chen is a Manager at T1Hairs- Online Hair Extension Company.He has more than 6 years of experience in Hairdressing Industry and has a good reputation in this field and have a vast knowledge of straight hair.


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