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Tips For Summer Skin Care

Summer is about to come, which means that it becomes necessary to review your skin care. In the cold season, our skin suffers from frost, wind, dry, lack of sunlight and a sharp temperature drop. In summer, everything is quite the opposite – the main negative factors are high air temperature, intense ultraviolet radiation and  high humidity .

Tips for summer skin care

Cleansing the face

One of the most important stages of skin care is cleansing. It is necessary to clean the skin at least 2 times a day – in the morning and in the evening, but in the hot season, due to increased fat and sweating during the day, there may be a need for additional purification. If there is no possibility to wash your face, then you can cleanse your skin with wet wipes, wipe your face with tonic or mineral water, and apply a light moisturizer if necessary.

Day cream for face and makeup

In summer you should give preference to light textures and minimize the number of layers of your makeup. On a hot summer day you should limit yourself to a light moisturizer and friable powder or a BB cream, or simply a fluid with SPF. Extra layers of your makeup intensify the production of sweat and sebum.

Those who have dry, normal, as well as mature skin, in summer can use light emulsions and fluids. However, the owners of young or oily skin are better to give preference to gels and light emulsions with matting effect.

It is desirable for the summer cream to contain in its composition not only moisturizing substances (hyaluronic acid, collagen, etc.), but also antioxidants, for example, vitamins C and E to protect the skin from the damaging effects of free radicals, which in summer are formed in abundance, under the influence of sunlight.

skin care in summer

Additional skin care

The owners of young and oily skin should do peelings regularly, especially in the summer.

Owners of sensitive skin prone to couperose, during the summer, should use gels, serums and masks that contain not only moisturizing and skin-protective substances, but also components that strengthen the vascular walls, reduce redness and exert anti-edematous action.

People with young and oily skin, in the summer, should often include cleansing masks in their skin care, for example, with clay, which will adsorb surpluses of sebum and help purify and reduce pores. For people with a problematic skin, it is advisable to have an anti-inflammatory mask at hand, that also removes the inflammatory reaction, if acne worsens.

Regardless of the age and type of skin in the summer, a moisturizing mask is helpful. This mask is desirable to be done after the air travel, after a long stay in the sun, in general in any situation, when the skin loses moisture and you need to quickly fill the water deficit to bring back the skin comfort and beautiful appearance.

Also, do not forget about sunglasses. Otherwise, you will constantly blink because of the bright sun, which will actively contribute to the formation of facial wrinkles.

Sun protection

The main feature of skin care in the summer is proper protection from the sun. As for skin care after exposure to the sun, it is necessary to take a shower, in order to properly wash off the sunscreen residue and apply a light moisturizing emulsion with a good soothing effect, which is specially designed for skin care after sunbathing.

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