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The Silky Affair: 7 Best-Ever Tips to Identify the Original Silk

Almost every Indian woman loves to deck up herself in a beautiful silk saree. No matter if the silk saree is heavily embellished or a plain yet classy one, every saree lover just cannot help but get hold of one of these. Silk is not only comfortable but also holds different emotions together. However, nowadays, people often find it difficult to identify the original silk and end up purchasing the artificial silk products.

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A wide array of silk fabrics is made to be available in the market and most of them are artificial. There are several ways of knowing whether the silk saree that you are willing to purchase is genuine or not. Listed below are some of the best possible ways that you need to keep in mind before entering a silk saree store.

Go for the brand name:

It gets a bit tough to determine the quality of the silk when you are planning to buy online saree. In that case, the brand value will help you in assuring the quality of the product. Buying silk sarees online from any random bran is quite different from purchasing a silk saree from a reputed store. For instance, Indian Silk House is a 91 year old brand that has gained significance by offering its customers with a wide array of sarees, salwar suits, kurtis at reasonable rates. Plus, the silk that they provide is of the best quality and you can be assured of that.

Touch & Rub:

Quite literally, you must know how to do the touch and rub test before splurging on silk sarees. However, this method is applied only when you are planning to buy the saree at the saree store. For purchasing online saree, you got to follow the above mentioned idea where you have to blindly follow the brand value. The name of the brand most certainly says it all. As for the touch and rub test, you have to rub the silk with your hands and if you feel the heat while rubbing, you can be assured of the quality. Synthetic or artificial silk does not get heated up when it is rubbed.

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Price speaks up for the quality:

No matter how much the retailer asks you to pay for the silk, original silk is definitely 10 times more expensive than artificial silk. All you need to do is to do some research before you go so that you have a basic idea of the pricing of original silk. If you find someone charging too low a price for the silk saree then you would understand the whole bluff.


Silk has luster and it is a known fact. To test the luster, try to grab hold of a corner of the saree and keep an eye on the saree surface. Now pay close attention to see whether the colour of the surface changes with a change in the angle of the light. If the saree gives you a white sheen with no luster even when the angle of light falling on it changes, then you will know that is an artificial silk saree that you have been holding all this while.

Weaving matters:

Both hand-woven and machine-woven silk sarees enjoy equal significance among the silk lovers. The weaves will help you to get a clear idea on how to compare the genuine quality silk with an artificial silk saree.

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Smooth silk saree:

Genuine quality silk will give you a smoother and softer feeling that you will not be able to find in an artificial silk sarees.

Friction producing sound:

There is a crisp sound that gets generated when silk products are rubbed against each other, Watch out for the friction that produces a distinctive sound that is generally called wire-ming.

These are the most common ways of identifying the genuine quality silk. If you are a would-be bride and planning to purchase our bridal sarees in silk then you must implement all of these steps so that you get to purchase nothing but the best and original quality silk sarees.

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