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Top Tips on Swimwear Shopping

A lot of women feel frightened at the mere thought of buying a swimsuit. They slog for hours at the gym to sculpt their bodies to achieve that hourglass look they often see on instagram and other online mediums. But when it comes to picking a right pair of swimsuit or bikini, it sends shivers down their spine as one wrong choice can spoil all those hours of hard work spent in achieving a chiseled body. So have you not guessed it yet? The ultimate trick to look your best when you hit the beach! It lies in the beach wear you choose to suit your body shape. The way you look at the beach does not entirely depend on your body shape but in a carefully chosen swimsuit and the way you style it. A right pair of swimsuit should hide any sagging areas of your body and enhance its positive features. To help you sail through beachwear shopping experience effortlessly, we have put together a list of beachwear pieces with styling tips which would go a long way in making you feel like an ultimate beach goddess.

Cross Top

cross top swim wear

Your summer beach wear is incomplete without cross tops. These ultra feminine tops are great for women with slimmer body frames. You can select from a variety of these tops in bold prints with ruffled edges to add volume to your body. There are no shoulder bands and this piece is perfect to flaunt your feminine side. Pair it with a tie bottom, denim shorts, ruffled skirt and seashell earrings to complete the look.

Hot Pants

bikni tops

Women with bulging tummies dont need to fret while buying beachwear as these bikini hot pants are design specifically to suit their very needs. These pants trim any bulges around the waist line giving your body a slimmer look and look great with lace bikini tops.

Shape Suits

These super cute swimsuits look great on all kinds of bodies. They provide coverage to your waist and complement most other clothing items like shorts, skirts, jackets and trousers. These suits come without shoulder bands which means you no longer have to worry about strap marks left on your shoulders after getting a sun tan. You can wear these with wrap around skirts, denims or jackets.

One Piece Swimsuit

One piece swimsuit is the ultimate go-to beachwear item if you have a streamlined body with curves at the right places. This swimsuit works equally well for women with voluptuous figure . If you have smaller bust, choose a one piece with plunging neckline with a bit of underwiring done at the top to add volume to your upper body. If you have a larger waist pick a piece with cuts made on either sides of the waist to make it look trimmed down.

Oversized Tank Tops

Women who are a little vary of wearing a bikini at the beach can put on an over sized tank top or chemise for a relaxed look. These pieces provide necessary coverage to your body. With these tops at your behest, you can experiment with all kinds of beachwear while keeping things modest.

Lace Up Bikini

Lace up bikini is the ultimate beachwear for women with hourglass figures. These are available in a wide range of colours prints, fabrics and knits. Denim lace up bikini is a great beachwear clothing item to kill the summer heat. Women with larger bodies should choose blank styles while those with slimmer shapes should go for bolder prints. Pair this clothing with a crotchet cover up or a sun dress to achieve a minimalistic look.

Author Bio: Diana Is a working woman, Apart from her desk job,She is an Health And Fitness Blogger and is working with the leading Fitness Clothing Brand LIVE! Clothing UK, She has been very keen on building a better physique, So she always find time for her workout. Her motto is “Be better than you was yesterday and everything will be better tomorrow”.

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