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Trends in Chinos and Cargos for Men

Fashion at a point of time focussed main on women’s apparel and accessories, flooding shops, malls and magazines with the latest women’s fashion. However today, men’s fashion has again found its due focus. The most popular among such fashion is of course pants

Men’s Fashion: Pants


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Pants form and integral part of men’s fashion, as seen in the huge boom in the production, designing and demands for different varieties of trousers and pants, using numerous materials and fabrics to keep the customer satisfied. Keeping with the saying that you can judge a man by the way he dresses, men today have turned their focus primarily on the way they appear to others. So much so keeping in mind the saying that first impressions are also the last, men today are as finicky and particular about dressing as much and even more than girls are stereotyped to be. However, of the various designs varieties of trousers and pants offered  to men today, one of the most popular type is the chino, which is basically a trouser woven using the Chino cloth.


chinos for men

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The Chino cloth is a material that in initial years consisted of pure cotton however today chino cloths are also found in a synthetic-cotton blend. Initially manufactured in China this material was first used for military purposes and later embraced by citizens. This material is famous for its comfort and its durability in the face of wear and tear. Today this material is found in a lot of colours though the original khaki colour is still very popular. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Chinos is, however, television and superstars which are viewed and who are followed by millions of citizens worldwide. Today Chino trousers have become much more of a Men’s fashion statement than a symbol of comfort and durability.

However, aside from Chinos another type of trousers which is as popular among men as it is with women is cargos.


cargo pants

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Like Chinos, this type of trousers was first used by the military due to durability in tough and harsh outdoor scenarios. Having numerous oversized pockets, cargos form a mini portable storage area for carrying things around. Perfect for a day in the outdoors, cargos are also the epitome of comfort. They are breezy and roomy, having been cut and designed loosely.

Originally, designed to be full length trousers with big and bulky pockets for carrying military supplies, cargos today can also be found in different designs. The most recent among such designs is the cargo shorts, which is nothing but a knee length version of cargos. This cargo shorts has attained great popularity among boys and teenager’s alike and has become an integral part of men’s fashion and an icon for casual wear.

In conclusion, of all the variability and verities in men’s fashion today, trousers have remained a top favourite and among them Chinos and Cargos form an icon that is still very popular amongst men today.

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