10 Fashion Blog Starting Tips for Your Fashion Business

Writing a blog can be really tough, but you may find this post helpful. It helps to know the little tricks that make it easier for myself and others. For example, a lot of people start off with an introduction paragraph and end up with something like an internal conclusion. That’s usually because they felt like they needed to provide a conclusion paragraph or something of the sortIn this article we’ll talk about some of the reasons having a blog can be extremely beneficial for your fashion business.

1. Blogs can share ideas, content and creativity with your audience, which can create context for your existing and future customer base.

2. Brands with engaging blogs typically have a larger community. They also have customers who keep returning because they are engaged with your company.

3. Blogs can be an opportunity for you to sell your products and services by providing context and appealing to your consumers with links to other brands in the industry. Blogging allows you to position yourself as an authority and connect with potential customers who are interested in similar products or services.

4. Blogging is a great way to build your online brand through SEO, as it gives you the opportunity to join in on conversations happening in your industry.

5. Blog posts that provide added value to your readers are a better marketing tool then simple advertisements. Subtle selling creates long-lasting relationships with your customers.

Here are a few examples of what a blog is not:

1. A blog section is a place to share valuable and helpful content with your audience in order to create a real, meaningful relationship.

2. A blog should be a positive place- it reflects poorly on your brand

3. A blog is not a place to practice your writing skills. If you don’t already have a distinct brand voice and style, then it’s important that you establish this before you start writing.

There are many ways to format your blog and I’d recommend a strategic approach because that way you can start maximizing your business. Here’s a list with 10 tips for starting a blog for your fashion business

1.Make a content calendar. Write down major dates and events related to your brand, as well as when important events happen in the industry.

2. Start researching what interests your future readers. Check to see what content your competitors are publishing on these topics and do the same!

3. Have two types of content, one is your brand-focused content which will include behind the scenes photos and videos of our lookbooks, or seemingly normal posts but with insights on topics that people haven’t seen yet. The other type of content should be lifestyle-oriented with a focus on other brands, trends & photographers. Aim to have 50% of your posts about brands. You’ll want to incorporate your brand into a lifestyle post. It’s just not the main focus.

4. Determine how often you want to write and stick to it. One time a week or one time per month? Pick the most suitable frequency and keep the results steady.

5. If you plan to have people other than yourself write your blog, it’s wise to create a style guide for them. If you write your blog in a conversational manner like I do, it might be challenging for someone else to really sound like me – so it’ll be helpful if they know what words and phrases we use.

6. Before you start writing your blog post, be sure to do some research on other blog posts similar to the one you want to share. You don’t want to copy what others have done and rank for the same keywords they’re going after.

7. Blogs need to be visually stimulating so it’s best if you start building a sizable picture bank. This bank should include both stock images from third party sources and those of your own brand. Make sure you let your photographer know the next time they take a photo shoot that you’ll need more photos of these different types.

8. Make sure you’re picky when choosing a blog platform. There are literally thousands of templates out there, but be sure that the ones you choose highlight your content and brand. You should always host your content on your own company site, and then make it easy to share it on other platforms.

9. I’m afraid this blog isn’t quite suitable for you because the content needs to be quite long – around 500 words. We need longer posts to help Google take notice of our website.

10. Once you’re finished writing, take a minute to ask yourself “why would anyone care?” and “how is this useful?”

Overall, have a good time with your blog posts. They’re more successful when they’re carefully considered and posted on all your social networks.

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