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Where to Purchase 1920’s Plus Size Dresses For Sale and Why They Are So Hard to Find

Vintage Dresses

Amongst cinematic costume designers to vintage clothing enthusiasts, the fashion of the roaring 20’s is a favorite throwback, to a time when fitted silhouettes and cloche hats peppered the landscape.

For females, the 1920’s were a revolutionary time. Women had just earned the right to vote and alcohol started to flow freely. Trimming down silhouettes from the wide flounce and bounce of hoopskirts- a new shape emerged. Tailoring being the focus, dramatic designs emerged that complimented female energy while introducing more modern colors and fabrics.

It was the beginning of fashion – for the first time trousers were worn by women, and skirts were getting shorter. Men also went through their own fashion revolution, for the first time men started to wear casual wear. The suits that men wore in the 1920’s still retain some of the main design and styling principles through today.

Dresses went through their own revolution. Waistlines dropped and tea gowns became the new designer must have. Fabric went through changes also. Designers started to work with more expensive textiles such as silk and velvet.

Proper attire was demanded back then, and women were expected to change for morning, afternoon and night activities. One couldn’t possibly wear the same dress to breakfast and then out to a stroll. Changing outfits three times a day must require a humongous inventory of fashion accessories.

Being a former vintage dress wholesaler – finding garments that were designed to reflect 1920’s trends or actual vintage clothing is an excruciatingly difficult process. Vintage garments are often not well kept, and even if garments are discovered from the era preferred, odds are they will not be in the size that you are searching.

Vintage Fashion

If plus size consumers would like to do a comprehensive search for plus size 1920’s Dresses, let your fingers do the walking. Online searches of both retail and consignment sites will uncover the item that you are looking for. If the budget of the consumer is flexible, consider having a plus size 1920’s dress custom tailored for the size specified. If a regular budget is more the consumer’s speed, searching online or perhaps making rounds at local thrift shops would be a good place to start.

Online fashion consignment has exploded. Ebay is no longer the behemoth when it comes to catching unique dresses. Sites like have automated the process and consumers can now send in plus size dresses and Swap will list, photograph and handle payment processing and shipping. This has resulted in an explosion of resources to find dresses of any size for sale. Narrow the search to comb thru top ten target sites of the consumers choice – and zone in on 1920’s plus size dresses for sale, or any plus size dress that reflects the trends of the 1920’s.


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